We are fully stocked and ready to rent you or your student a fantastic instrument from Jupiter Music! Browse the Rental choices below and fill out your contract online! In some cases we can arrange with your band director to drop off your new instrument at your school. Sound easy? Go for it!

Rental Plan Options

12 MONTH RENT TO OWN:   This plan type is perfect for those planning to stick with their instrument choice. Our discounted price is divided over 12 months (with an additional $5 per month lease fee), and after one year the instrument is owned by the customer. All payments are done through automatic draft from a credit/debit card of your choosing. Payments are run securely on the 1st of the month. You may fill out your contract in the store or online.
LONG TERM:    We offer a long term (3+ year) rental plan based on the retail price of the instrument + the tax + the lease fee ($5/mo).  This plan is perfect for those unsure of whether they will stick with their instrument choice. The lower monthly rate provides a smaller investment while the customer decides if they wish to purchase the instrument. Once you decide to buy you can convert to the 12 month rent to own plan or buy the instrument outright. You may only switch plans within the first year of your agreement. Your rental credit will carry over to the 12 month plan when you switch, which will include all payments made minus the $5/month lease fee per month.

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